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Hypocracy, a New Form of Government

down with hypocracy

No, it’s not the common misspelling of hypocrisy. It’s a neologism formed by combining the words hypocrisy and autocracy, describing what I believe to be a typically modern form of authoritarian government that does not want to speak its name. Russia is a fine example: officially a constitutional democracy but rife with authoritarian oppression. When yet another journalist is attacked by “fringe groups”, the president “vows” on Twitter that those responsible will get caught, which they obviously won’t.

Of course, tyrants have been hypocritical as long as they exist, but it seems like nowadays there are only hypocritical tyrants. The days are gone when Saddam Hussein could proudly throw his “opponents” to the lions or have entire sections of his citizenry gassed, and when Idi Amin could enjoy personally decapitating his enemies.

The most likely cause of hypocracy is the ideological supremacy of democracy and human rights. Dictators feel the need to at least give lip service to popular sovereignty and freedom from oppression, since there’s no other readily available justification of political power (outside a few remaining theocracies). Communism is gone, and so are “Asian values”. No more need to fight against colonial empires. And brute force as well is no longer acceptable.

So I’ll make it my hobby to expose hypocracy and post examples of it here.


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