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Weaponized Animals, A Collection of Images

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We’ve seen before that human imagination knows no bounds, especially when it comes to reciprocal cruelty. For instance, there’s a long history of the use of animals as cruelty enhancers, and weaponized animals are one particularly interesting part of it. A few examples, both old and recent, both real and fanciful: More here. These are just the most obvious cases. Mankind has been so kind to develop biological warfare, and even entomological warfare, which is basically the use […]

Moral Dilemma (26): Killer Robots

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(source) If you haven’t been following the debate: “killer robots” are autonomous machine combatants which are currently being developed by a number of countries. These machines are different from unmanned ground vehicles and drones. The important difference is not that UGVs and drones are already in use but that they are controlled by human operators, much like any conventional weapon before them, albeit from a larger distance. Killer robots, on the other hand, will act autonomously and will be able to choose […]

Iconic Images of Human Rights Violations (155): Food Aid in Yarmouk, Damascus

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(source) Yarmouk, a Palestinian neighborhood in Damascus, has been under siege by the Syrian army since July 2013. At least 55 people have died from hunger and the majority of children are suffering from malnutrition, according to a Palestinian activist living in Yarmouk. About 20,000 people are currently besieged in Yarmouk. The regime of Bashar al-Assad says “terrorists” are holding people hostage. Beyond the tactical starvation, Syrian jets have also been bombing the area. This picture, published by United Nations Relief Workers Agency, shows […]