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The Environment and Human Rights (7): The Effects of Climate Change on Crime Rates

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human rights and the environment

(source) The relationship between environmental problems and human rights is underexamined. This is deplorable, because the most important environmental problem, namely climate change, is likely to have an adverse effect on human rights in lots of different ways. For example, there is some data supporting the hypothesis that higher temperatures lead to an increase in crime, probably in part because high temperatures cause higher levels of aggression: [H]igher temperatures lead to more assault and … […]

Migration and Human Rights (34): The “Criminal Immigrant” Stereotype, Ctd.

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I presented some data debunking the criminal immigrant stereotype a few times already. It’s simply not true that immigration leads to an increase in crime rates. True, immigrants are often – but not always – relatively poor, undereducated and – initially at least – not well adjusted to their host community. But none of that seems to be a sufficient reason for higher crime rates among immigrants. On the contrary, there’s some evidence here of […]