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Racism (28): Shooter Bias

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equality / racism

(source unknown) When called to the scene of an on-going crime, police officers often have to make split-second decisions whether to shoot or not. There’s chaos, darkness, running, shouting, shooting perhaps, and no time to determine who’s who and who’s likely to do what. Training can help, but in most cases officers just rely on instincts. In other words, these are the ideal situations for the revelation of personal biases. Because of the nature of […]

Gender Discrimination (32): Gender Stereotyping of Robots

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equality / gender discrimination

(source) Our prejudices must be very deeply ingrained if we even stereotype robots. From an interesting new paper: Previous research on gender effects in robots has largely ignored the role of facial cues. We fill this gap in the literature by experimentally investigating the effects of facial gender cues on stereotypical trait and application ascriptions to robots. As predicted, the short-haired male robot was perceived as more agentic than was the long-haired female robot, whereas […]

Human Rights Maps (144): The “Criminal Immigrant” Stereotype

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I’ve argued many times before that the link between immigration and crime is a particularly nasty piece of political cynicism and populism, completely fact-free but unfortunately not devoid of harmful consequences. Three different groups suffer these consequences: potential migrants who have beneficial opportunities taken away from them existing migrants who are unfairly targeted by law enforcement and the native populations who also can’t benefit from increased immigration. Here’s one sickening cartoon in map form, claiming […]

Migration and Human Rights (37): Hostility Towards Immigrants Caused by the Economic Recession

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(source) I’ve written a few times before about the possible effects of the current economic recession – or of any recession for that matter – on human rights. Now its seems that there’s some proof for the common notion that recessions promote anti-immigrant feelings: Macroeconomic conditions have long been suspected of increasing hostility toward ethnic outgroups. Integrating prior work on macroeconomic threat with recent threat-based models of prejudice, the current work employs an experimental approach […]