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Racism, A Collection of Images (2)


the black servant stereotype (in case you're wondering why there's a mannequin at the table: it's Cynthia, a major 1930s celebrity, fixture of the trendy dinner parties and gossip columns of the day; read more about her at the source link below)

racist servant stereotype

the black servant stereotype seems to be very much alive

black servant stereotype

and of course there's also a black male servant stereotype

(source unknown)
turkish blackface

Turkish news anchor appears in blackface in the coverage of President Obama’s trip to Turkey

(source, more on blackface here)
racist valentine card lynching

macabre and racist valentine card with lynching theme

(source unknown)

African Americans aren't the only victims of stereotyping

mexican stereotype

Mexicans it seems are sombrero wearing, violent, fat, moustachioed goofs (re: silly laugh) fond of conspicuous wealth (aka golden tooth)

Chinese Exclusion Act

1882, Strong anti-Chinese sentiment in California leads to the federal Chinese Exclusion Act, which suspends immigration from the East. The political cartoon above, titled "The Only One Barred Out," mocks the legislation.


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