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The Causes of Human Rights Violations (50): The Weather?

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(source) [T]he persecution and expelling of Jewish people by pre-modern European states is linked to agrarian variations. Based on historical weather data, evidence suggests that during the 15th and 16th centuries, colder temperatures made it significantly more likely that a Jewish community would be expelled. … [A] Jewish individual from the 15th or 16th century, who lived to 50 years old, faced roughly an 18% chance of being expelled during their lifetime. This risk was […]

Hate (8): Tolerance and Hate Speech

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(source, source) Jeremy Waldron claims that tolerance is more than merely the absence of violent assault on people who have adopted beliefs and practices we don’t like, and more than simply abstaining from¬†persecution and legal sanction. He says that tolerance also implies the absence of hate speech and a legal prohibition of hate speech. Members of minority groups whose beliefs and practices are strongly disapproved of by the rest of society, have a right to […]

Migration and Human Rights (5): Public Opposition to Migration

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(source) The public in most developed countries (or rich countries) is often opposed to immigration: (source) There are two main reasons for this opposition. Opinions about immigration are closely linked to perceptions about threats to a country‚Äôs culture, for example the language. We see a lot of anxiety in the US about English as the first language and the only official language of the country. Another perceived problem is employment: some fear that the immigrants […]

Migration and Human Rights (4): Asylum

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This post on asylum is a follow-up on a previous post on refugees, which was in itself a follow-up on a post about the broader topic of migration. Asylum is a form of protection that allows individuals to remain in a country, provided that they meet the definition of a refugee. Eventually, they may become permanent residents or even nationals. People seeking asylum in another country do so because they have been persecuted or fear […]