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The Ethics of Human Rights (71): The Rights of the Dead

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ethics of human rights / philosophy

(source) Can the living violate the rights of the dead? Assuming that the dead are gone, they can’t be harmed. So the obvious answer would be “no”. And yet, I’m not alone in feeling uncomfortable about cases such as the death of Whitney Houston some time ago: certain very intimate and private details about her and her death were leaked to the press. So in some sense we believe that the dead deserve privacy. Also […]

The Ethics of Human Rights (69): Democratic Transition Caught Between the Rights of Past and Future Generations

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ethics of human rights / justice / law / philosophy

(source) Here are some general observations inspired by the recent talk of a possible amnesty for Assad as a means to convince him to give up power in Syria. Imagine a country in which roughly 20% of the population ruled the other 80% during several decades or even centuries. The members of the ruling class owned the land and controlled much of the economy, are of a different social class (perhaps even race) and made […]

The Ethics of Human Rights (41): Human Rights of Past Generations?

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ethics of human rights / human rights violations / justice / philosophy

(source, image by Andrew J Krug) In a previous post I discussed the claim that future generations of people have human rights claims against those of us who are currently alive. I argued that they probably have. The “sister-claim” is, of course, whether the same is true for past generations. Obviously past generations had human rights, just like you and me and everyone who comes after us. The question however is whether current generations can […]

The Ethics of Human Rights (31): Reparations for Violations of the Human Rights of Past Generations

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(source) How should we deal with the violations of the human rights of past generations? This question is similar to one I already discussed here and here, namely the rights of future generations. The difference, however, is that our current actions can influence the well-being of future generations, but cannot mean anything for past generations since the people in questions are already dead. However, many people favor reparations for past rights violations that benefit the […]