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Annals of Heartlessness (43): Operation Crossroads

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Operation Crossroads was a series of nuclear weapon tests conducted by the United States at the Bikini Atoll in mid-1946. The purpose was to investigate the effect of nuclear weapons on naval ships. The US Navy was worried about its survival as a part of the US defense force in the atomic age, and the tests were set up to demonstrate that atomic explosions would not completely destroy war ships. That was the purpose, and all […]

Human Rights Video (23): Nuclear Explosions, 1945-1998

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Starts a bit slow, but interesting nonetheless: the numbers and places of nuclear explosions throughout the years: More on atomic weapons here and here. More on Hiroshima here. More human rights videos here. Related Articles Japan Commemorates 65th Anniversary of Hiroshima Bombing [Pic Of The Night] ( “1945-1998″ by Isao Hashimoto: 2003 (

Human Rights Maps (143): Hiroshima Bomb Damage

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Within the first two to four months of the bombings, the acute effects killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki, with roughly half of the deaths in each city occurring on the first day. Of the people who died on the day of the explosion, 60% died from flash or flame burns, 30% from falling debris and 10% from other causes. During the following months, large numbers died from the effect of burns, […]

Terrorism and Human Rights (30): “The U.S. Coming Home!” (Commemorative 9-11 Repost)

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(On this 9th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, here is a repost of a mock OpEd I wrote some years ago. It’s mocking only in its form, not in its intentions. I guess one day it will become prophetic, I’ll just have to repost it often enough. Warning: none of the opinions expressed here should be mistaken for my own). (source) “The date is October the 1st, 2011, exactly 20 days after the worst terrorist […]