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Satellite Evidence of Human Rights Violations (15): Ethnic Cleansing in Bangui

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satellite evidence of human rights violations

On April 27, 2014, heavily armed African peacekeepers evacuated the last remaining 1,300 Muslims in the PK12 neighborhood of Bangui, in the strife-torn Central African Republic. Mobs immediately began looting and destroying the neighborhood’s mosque, shops, and homes. … Muslim residents had occupied temporary shelters near the PK12 and Kilometre 5 neighborhoods because of the ambush risk faced by fleeing Muslims along the main routes leading out of the capital. But now the majority of those residents […]

Iconic Images of Human Rights Violations (87): “Die Flucht”

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iconic images of human rights violations / photography and journalism

(source) (source) At the end of and immediately after WWII, millions of ethnic Germans were cleansed from the eastern parts of Europe and sent to the areas which would become post-war Germany and post-war Austria, partly in retaliation for wartime cleansing by Nazi Germany. The areas of expulsion included pre-war German provinces as well as areas which Nazi Germany had annexed or occupied. At least 12 million people – the overwhelming majority of whom were women, […]

Human Rights Maps (112): Ethnic Cleansing of Jews by Nazi Germany

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(source, map courtesy of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum) (source) These are the German concentration camps in Europe:   (source) The title of the map below is: “Jewish Executions Carried Out by Einsatzgruppe A”, from the December 1941 Jager Report by the commander of a Nazi death squad. Marked “Secret Reich Matter,” the map shows the number of Jews shot in the different parts of the Baltic region (with nice coffin drawings, as if coffins […]