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Crime and Human Rights (17): A Criminal’s Human Rights, Some Q & A

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(source) 1. Does the necessity of enforcing the law and ensuring compliance with the law justify extreme forms of punishment? No. It’s not because you have committed a crime that you lose all your rights. The severity of criminal punishment should remain within certain bounds, and the need to be tough on crime doesn’t give you permission to do whatever it takes to be tough on crime. Most laws will never be respected in all […]

Human Rights Cartoon (43): Types of Equality

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(drawing by Bill Mauldin) Here’s a short overview of different types of equality (I’ll come back to this in future posts): 1. Equality before the law This concept is linked to the concept of non-discrimination. Laws must be equal for everybody and should not discriminate between people. Everyone should be protected and punished by the law in the same manner. The law is equal for all and all are equal for the law. The law […]