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The Vagaries of Moral Progress (18): Bringing Back the Guillotine

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(source) Bringing back the guillotine may sound crazy, but it’s certainly better than the current alternative. It’s better for prisoners because quickly severing the head is believed to be one of the quickest, least painful ways to die. And it’s better for organ recipients because the bodies of guillotined prisoners could be more quickly harvested for viable parts, unlike organs that may become unusable after lethal injection due to hypoxemia. … Dr. Jay Chapman, the […]

Annals of Heartlessness (36): Capital Punishment in Saudi Arabia

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annals of heartlessness / capital punishment

Saudi Arabia is considering changing its standard execution method. Instead of beheading by sword they plan to use the firing squad. One of the swordsmen says he’s not worried about the future of his profession. [He] has been apprenticing his son in beheadings. He acknowledges, though, that the government’s concerns about a shortage of qualified swordsmen are justified. “This profession is not desired by many,” he told Okaz, “despite the salary and personal reward we […]

The Vagaries of Moral Progress (6): Capital Punishment in Saudi Arabia

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capital punishment / vagaries of moral progress

(source) In Saudi Arabia they use a strictly etymological interpretation of the phrase “capital punishment”. However, there’s now a proposal to abandon beheadings and to look for alternatives: Last week, the Saudi daily Al-Youm reported that Saudi Arabia is considering transitioning away from the state’s institutionalized method of executing convicts: beheading by sword. Beheading — the approach to carrying out death sentences in the Arabian Peninsula in the seventh century — has long been practiced in the kingdom in […]