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The Causes of Human Rights Violations (56): The Weather, Ctd.

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causes of human rights violations / human rights violations

(source) How does the weather affect people’s rights? In an older post I cited a study claiming that colder temperatures in pre-modern Europe made persecution of Jewish communities more likely. The economic hardship resulting from cold weather in agrarian societies is one possible cause of rights violations, but perhaps not a very relevant one in our post-industrial societies faced with the risk of global warming. A warmer climate can also have an effect on rights. First, […]

The Environment and Human Rights (7): The Effects of Climate Change on Crime Rates

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human rights and the environment

(source) The relationship between environmental problems and human rights is underexamined. This is deplorable, because the most important environmental problem, namely climate change, is likely to have an adverse effect on human rights in lots of different ways. For example, there is some data supporting the hypothesis that higher temperatures lead to an increase in crime, probably in part because high temperatures cause higher levels of aggression: [H]igher temperatures lead to more assault and … […]

Human Rights Nonsense (7): Peacekeepers Planting Trees

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aid / human rights nonsense / intervention / war

(source) Via Chris Blattman: United Nations peacekeepers are no strangers to working in some of the world’s most hazardous regions, and they are now helping out on a new battlefront: combating climate change. “The care and protection of our environment is everybody’s concern,” said Lieutenant Colonel Um Bello, who heads the Alpha Company of the UN peacekeeping mission in Liberia (UNMIL). He is leading his troops in a new exercise: planting 1,000 trees in the […]

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics (3): Growth Rates and Cherry Picking

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lies and statistics / statistics / work

Statistics can be dangerous, as is evident from the previous posts in this series. People making them can make mistakes, or can use them to deceive. And people reading them can misinterpret them. Our treatment of human rights on this blog depends heavily on the use of statistics, and so the quality of those statistics is important. This blog series mentions some of the things that can go wrong. Statistical mistakes or statistical lies occur in all kinds of […]