Statistics on Xenophobia

Here are two maps about people’s willingness to have The Other as a neighbor:


xenophobia and racism map


whom would you not like to have as a neighbor

Here are some data on xenophobia in Russia:

xenophobia in russia

This is the way Muslims and non-Muslims see each other (click on the image to enlarge):

how do muslims and non-muslims see each other


This is the evolution of antisemitism in Europe:

negative views of jews in europe


And this is the level of public acceptance of racial or ethnic diversity in the U.S.:

Public acceptance of racial or ethnic diversity, data for the U.S.


This public acceptance of diversity doesn’t seem to include Muslims, given the upswing in the unwillingness to have Muslims as neighbors – see the graph below. That’s probably a result of 9-11 and everything that came of it. More difficult to explain is the unhappiness about immigrants apparent from the same graph:

social intolerance of Muslims, homosexuals and immigrants in the US


The increase in tolerance of homosexuals, shown by graph above, is coherent with these data.

Attitudes towards immigrants are negative everywhere:

immigration public opinion


immigration into the UK and public sentiment


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