Democracy Measurement

I’m interested in democracy as a human right. More specifically, I think democracy is an important social good for the reasons stated here. Consequently, I’m also very interested in measurement of democracy: how much more/less democratic is the world becoming? I track different democracy measurements (see here and here) as well as surveys on public opinion regarding democracy (see here). But I don’t only look at the data; I also want to know how they come about and the problems encountered by those measuring democracy. Below you can find an overview of the posts dealing with issues of democracy measurement.


Measuring Democracy (1): A Few Examples
Measuring Democracy (2): Polity IV, and Some of Its Problems
Measuring Democracy (3): But What Kind of Democracy?
Measuring Democracy (4): How, Why and What
Measuring Democracy (5): The Freedom House “Freedom in the World” Report
Measuring Democracy (6): Three Waves of Democratization According to Polity IV and Google Ngrams
Measuring Democracy (7): Some Technical Difficulties
Measuring Democracy (8): A Multidimensional Measurement
Measuring Democracy (9): Regime Type in Eastern Europe, Before and After 1989

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