Measurement Issues

This blog focuses on human rights, including economic human rights and political human rights, and therefore also devotes a lot of space to issues related to poverty and democracy (democracy being the practical translation of political human rights). One particular characteristic of this blog is the quantitative approach to human rights: we discuss human rights not only from a philosophical, ethical or legal point of view, but also try to give readers specific data in the form of measurements. For example, we often give data on the numbers of people in poverty, on the numbers of democracies in the world, on the progress or retreat of freedom of expression etc. We have an overview of a large set of data sources here. The figures themselves are catalogued here.

But apart from the data we also discuss the issues surrounding the measurement of human rights and democracy. How does this measurement take place, how should it take place, what are the difficulties etc. Se we have posts relating to these issues.


measurement of human rights
measurement of democracy
measurement of poverty


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