Maps on Xenophobia, Migration and Asylum


internally displaced persons
refugee producing countries
African refugee routes
Iraqi refugee routes
asylum seekers
ethnic cleansing in Baghdad
ethnic cleansing in Bosnia
ethnic cleansing in Europe after WWII
ethnic cleansing of Jews by Nazi-Germany
ethnic cleansing in Cyprus
the Trail of Tears, the story of Indian removal
the American Indian wars
the Armenian genocide
immigration in the U.S.
illegal immigrants in the U.S.
apprehensions of illegal immigrants at the US-Mexico border
routes of irregular migration to Europe
some of the world’s most fortified borders
the death toll of illegal immigration
migrant boat tragedy off the coast of Libya
hate groups in the U.S.
hate crime laws
hate crime rates
the “criminal immigrant” stereotype
numbers of immigrants and amounts of remittances
US remittances to Mexico
potential migration
largest Chinese and Indian immigrant communities
travel restrictions for people with HIV
human development index, migration and borders
the shifting identity and borders of Europe
how Californians and New Yorkers see America, and how Americans see the world

1 Comment

  1. Misha says

    You should put the maps of ethnic cleansing in Croatia and Kosovo. Almost all places that were inhabited with Serbs are now pure Croatian/Albanian.

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