Human Rights Maps

This page contains links to the different human rights maps which I publish on this blog, now and again. These maps form part of one of my main efforts here: a data and statistical approach to human rights issues. More on this here.

The maps here are usually world maps or maps for certain continents or countries. Of course they all contain information on particular countries, but if you want to select the blogposts for one particular country only, you may want to do a search instead.

To view all the maps at once click here.

To view only the maps for a certain topic, click on one of these links:

maps on capital punishment
maps on discrimination
maps on education
maps on freedom
maps on good governance
maps on health
maps on international intervention
maps on labor conditions
maps on poverty
maps on religion
maps on support for human rights and democracy
maps on torture
maps on violence
maps on war and conflict
maps on xenophobia, migration and asylum

To view a specific map, choose one below (you may want to use Ctrl+F – command+F on a Mac – to find something in this long list):

a new Middle East?
abortion laws
Africa as an exploding skull
African refugee routes
aid dependency
American Indian wars
apartheid in South Africa
apprehensions of illegal immigrants at the US-Mexico border
Armenian genocide
arms trade
asylum seekers
attacks on medical facilities in Syria
average life expectancy
capital punishment in 2012
caring for what happens in the world
casualties in the war in Iraq, 2004-2009
casualties in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars between 2004 and 2010
child labor
child marriage
child poverty in the U.K.
child poverty in the U.S.
child soldiers
child wellbeing in the U.S.
civilian casualties and IED attacks in Afghanistan
civilian casualties following the extension of the war in Afghanistan to Pakistan
corporal punishment a crime?
countries that have accepted the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court
countries that have hurt the feelings of China
countries that have ratified the convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women
countries that have ratified the international convention banning cluster bombs
countries that have ratified the international covenant on civil and political rights
countries that have ratified the international covenant on economic, social and cultural rights
countries that have ratified the United Nations convention against torture
countries using the death penalty
crime rates in San Francisco
the “criminal immigrant” stereotype
death penalty in the U.S., state by state
death penalty, methods of executions in the U.S.
death penalty, number of executions in the U.S.
death penalty, states in the U.S. that allow the execution of juveniles
death penalty laws
death row in the U.S.
the death toll of illegal immigration
debt relief and the HIPC initiative
the demise of traditional African religions
democracy, the difference between self-identification and reality
democracy in Africa
density of health workers
don’t play with your food!
duration of unemployment benefits in the U.S.
early 20th century views on civilization
economic freedom
endangered languages and indigenous peoples
ethnic cleansing in Baghdad
ethnic cleansing in Bosnia
ethnic cleansing in Cyprus
ethnic cleansing in Europe after WWII
ethnic cleansing of Jews by Nazi-Germany
events of 9-11 and ground zero
failed states
female genital mutilation
female life expectancy in the US
food security and food spending
free press
freedom in Africa
freedom of religion
freedom of the internet
gender inequality in government
gender inequality in government, percentage of women in state legislatures in the US
gender inequality in primary education
gender inequality
gender wage gap in the U.S.
global peace index
governance in Africa
the Great Migration
the Gulag Archipelago
gun crime in the U.S. in 2010
Gun Deaths in the U.S. Since December 14th, 2012
gun rights in the U.S. and the world
happiness and subjective well-being
hate crime laws
hate crime rates
hate groups in the U.S.
higher education in he U.S.
Hiroshima bomb damage
HIV, nuclear weapons, wealth and immigrants
homelessness in the US
homicide in NYC is primarily a problem of and for male African Americans
homosexuality laws
how Californians and New Yorkers see America, and how Americans see the world
how the world views Africa
human development index, migration and borders
human rights violations because of overpopulation?
illegal immigrants in the U.S.
immigration in the U.S.
imperialism in North America, 1750 to 2008
income inequality
income inequality
income inequality ctd.
income inequality in New York
income inequality in the US, 1969-2007
indicators of gendercide
infant mortality
interactive maps of the millennium development goals
internally displaced persons
internet access
internet censorship in China
Iraqi refugee routes
journalists in prison
journalists killed
killing fields
largest Chinese and Indian immigrant communities
layout of execution rooms
legal voting age
legalization of euthanasia
legalization of homosexuality in the U.S.
legalization of interracial marriage in the U.S.
legally required paid annual leave
legislation prohibiting employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity
life without parole for U.S. teenagers
literacy rates
London bombings of 7/7/2005
the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and child soldiers
lynchings in the U.S.
marital rape a crime
maternal mortality
migrant boat tragedy off the coast of Libya
military spending worldwide as percentage of GDP and of world total
minimum wages in the U.S.
modern slavery
most dangerous countries for children
murder rates
North Korean prison camps
nuclear weapons
nuclear weapons ctd.
numbers of firearm deaths in the U.S.
numbers of immigrants and amounts of remittances
official development aid
one man, one vote
pervasiness of corruption
pornography laws
potential migration
poverty and road safety
poverty in the US
prisoner population rates
progress on the Millennium Development Goals
proportion of urban population living in slums
race and poverty in the US
racial profiling bans in the US
refugee producing countries
residential segregation in the US
routes of irregular migration to Europe
rule of law
same sex marriages in Europe and the U.S.
the scramble for Africa and the long-run effects of artificial borders on ethnic conflict
Sharia law
the shifting identity and borders of Europe
slavery in the U.S.
some of the world’s most fortified borders
spending on health care and number of doctors per capita
spread of the printing press in 15th century Europe
Stalin’s terror famine in Ukraine (Holodomor)
state religions
the Trail of Tears, the story of Indian removal
Tienanmen Square massacre
travel restrictions for people with HIV
union membership in the US
urbanization in Africa
US military intervention
US remittances to Mexico
US secret detention facilities
voting rights for felons in the U.S.
war on terror, extraordinary renditions and secret detentions
where deposed dictators have settled
which countries will achieve universal primary education by 2015?
women with unmet need for family planning
world giving index, a map of charity
worst terrorist attacks

Alternatively, some interesting maps are available here, here, here and here.

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