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Gender Discrimination (36): Strong Circumstantial Evidence of Gendercide

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Another one from Gapminder: the sex ratios for 0 to 14 year olds, male divided by female: (source) The normal sex ratio in humans is approximately 1:1. The sex ratio at birth is commonly thought to be 107 boys to 100 girls. This is “nature’s way” of correcting for the fact that adult males tend to have higher death rates than adult females of the same age (even after allowing for causes specific to females such […]

Universal Basic Income as the Foundation of Freedom

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I favor a Universal Basic Income (UBI) because it offers financial security and predictability, which in turn provide freedom from necessity. This “freedom from” is required for any meaningful “freedom to“. By allowing people to effortlessly and foreseeably pay for the material resources that they need for a minimally decent life, a UBI liberates them to pursue the goals they have set for their lives – or even set these goals in the first place. Life’s pursuits all too often get pushed […]

Income Inequality (31): The Strange Case of the Rising Middle and the Hollowing Out of the Center

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There’s an interesting contrast between what’s happening to income inequality at the global level on the one hand and the inequality trends in most countries on the other hand. Apart from many Latin American countries and a few elsewhere in the world, income inequality has been increasing, including in some of the wealthiest countries – as you can see in this graph for example: (source) Income inequality for the total population of the globe, however, has been trending downward, […]

Discrimination (17): Human Rights and Intersectionality

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(source) Intersectionality is an interesting concept because it’s related to the interdependence of human rights. (Sorry for the alliteration). Kimberlé Crenshaw was the first to propose the term for the purpose of describing interacting forms of discrimination. Some examples. A black woman may have relatively worse life outcomes compared to a white woman who is similar to her in most respects, even though both suffer gender discrimination. The combination of racism and sexism makes it much harder […]

The Causes of Wealth Inequality (32): How Inheritance Not Only Perpetuates But Also Aggravates Inequality

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Inherited wealth – the value of all assets (real estate + financial assets – financial liabilities) transmitted at death or through inter-vivos gifts – has become more important over time. Thomas Piketty estimates that the annual inheritance flow was about 20%-25% of national income around 1900-1910. It then gradually fell to less than 10% in the 1920s-1930s, and to less than 5% in the 1950s. It has been rising regularly since then, with an acceleration of the trend during the […]