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The Ethics of Human Rights (88): Justice and Proportionality

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(source) The notion of proportionality is central to many theories of justice: the criminal should receive punishment that is proportional to the crime; in war and law enforcement, the army or the police should not use disproportionate amounts of force; people’s economic rewards should be proportional to what they deserve and to the amounts of personal effort, skill or whatever you believe is a basis of desert; the people’s representatives in democratic institutions should represent […]

Human Rights Poem (86): The Homeland

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(source) The Homeland, by Adunis (translation by M.M. Badawi) To the faces that harden behind a mask of gloom I bow, and to streets where I left behind my tears; To a father who died, green as a cloud With a sail on his face, I bow, And to a child that is sold In order to pray and clean shoes (In our land we all pray and clean shoes); To a stone I inscribed with my hunger, […]