Moral Dilemmas

Most of the different daily posts that appear on this blog are organized into so-called “blog series”. For example, there’s a series called moral dilemmas: “dilemma”, from Late Greek dilēmmat-, dilēmma, probably back-formation from Greek dilēmmatos involving two assumptions, from di- + lēmmat-, lēmma assumption; a usually undesirable or unpleasant choice; a dilemma is having to make a choice one does not want to make.

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Moral Dilemma (1): Stopping a Suicide Bomber
Moral Dilemma (2): The Immortality Pill
Moral Dilemma (3): Sacrificing Your Son
Moral Dilemma (4): Unequal Human Beings
Moral Dilemma (5): What Does Justice Require?
Moral Dilemma (6): Involuntary Organ Donor
Moral Dilemma (7): Saving the Violinist
Moral Dilemma (8): The Plank Of Carneades
Moral Dilemma (9): Michael Sandel on the Right Thing to Do
Moral Dilemma (10): The Morality of Targeted Killing of Terrorists
Moral Dilemma (11): The Human Rights of Future Generations and the Future Human Rights of Existing Generations
Moral Dilemma (12): Greatest Happiness for the Greatest Number
Moral Dilemma (13): The Responsibility of Small Contributions
Moral Dilemma (14): Lenman’s Dog
Moral Dilemma (15): Separating Siamese Twins
Moral Dilemma (16): The Senator and the Bus Ticket
Moral Dilemma (17): Neutron Bomb or Regular Atomic Bomb?
Moral Dilemma (18): Doing the Right Thing, or Trying to be Successful
Moral Dilemma (19): Shooting Down the 9-11 Planes
Moral Dilemma (20): Knowing the Date You’ll Die
Moral Dilemma (21): Is Suicide While Pregnant Akin to Murder?
Moral Dilemma (22): Should Suicide Be a Free Choice?
Moral Dilemma (23): An Eye For an Eye, With a Twist
Moral Dilemma (24): Gender, Longevity and Healthcare
Moral Dilemma (25): Gone Baby Gone
Moral Dilemma (26): Killer Robots

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