Equal Rights

Most of the different daily posts that appear on this blog are organized into so-called “blog series”. For example, there’s a series called gender discrimination, one called racism, and one called LGBT rights. There’s also a series about discrimination in general, and one about hate.

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Gender Discrimination (1)
Gender Discrimination (2): Types and Causes
Gender Discrimination (3): Female Genital Mutilation
Gender Discrimination (4): “Global Gender Gap”
Gender Discrimination (5): Matriarchy in the USA
Gender Discrimination (6): Earnings and Convictions on Gender Roles
Gender Discrimination (7): Violence Against Women
Gender Discrimination (8): Femicide or Gendercide
Gender Discrimination (9): The Share of Women in the Workforce
Gender Discrimination (10): Gender Equality, Declining Birth Rates and Overpopulation
Gender Discrimination (11): Honor Killings
Gender Discrimination (12): Gendercide in China
Gender Discrimination (13): Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Iraq
Gender Discrimination (14): HIV-AIDS by Gender
Gender Discrimination (15): Matriarchy in the USA, Ctd.
Gender Discrimination (16): Sexual Violence in South Africa
Gender Discrimination (17): Gender Based Violence in Conflicts, and the Dubious Role of Peacekeepers
Gender Discrimination (18): Missing Women and Gendercide in China and India
Gender Discrimination (19): Violence Against Women On Television
Gender Discrimination (20): Positive Developments for Gender Equality in the U.S.
Gender Discrimination (21): The Politics of the Body
Gender Discrimination (22): Gendercide
Gender Discrimination (23): Reverse Gender Discrimination in Criminal Justice
Gender Discrimination (24): Gendercide in India
Gender Discrimination (25): The Plough as a Cause of Gender Inequality
Gender Discrimination (26): Legal Restrictions on Women’s Right to Work
Gender Discrimination (27): Women’s Inheritance and Property Rights Throughout the World
Gender Discrimination (28): Occupational Sex Segregation as One Cause of the Gender Pay Gap
Gender Discrimination (29): Gender Bias in Wikipedia
Gender Discrimination (30): The Politics of the Female Body
Gender Discrimination (31): Islam Not Necessarily the Cause of Gender Discrimination
Gender Discrimination (32): Gender Stereotyping of Robots
Gender Discrimination (33): Reversing the Veil
Gender Discrimination (34): Public Opinion on Domestic Violence
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Racism (1): Jim Crow
Racism (2): Racial Profiling
Racism (3): Test Your Racism
Racism (4): Competition v Racial Bias
Racism (5): Interracial Marriage
Racism (6): The Effect of Racism on Cancer
Racism (7): Racial Profiling and “Driving While Black” in Illinois; A Case Study
Racism (8): Homelessness and Race in the U.S.
Racism (9): Race and Employment
Racism (10): Race and Health
Racism (11): Race and Employment, Ctd.
Racism (12): Blacks and Apes
Racism (12): Implicit Racism in Criminal Justice
Racism (13): Race and Employment, Ctd.
Racism (13b): Race and Employment
Racism (14): Race and Consumer Behavior
Racism (15): Does the Stigma of “Acting White” Explain the Racial Achievement Gap in Education in the U.S.?
Racism (16): Race and Crime
Racism (17): Racism is Ghostbusting
Racism (18): Human Rights and Affirmative Action
Racism (19): Racial Inequality in U.S. Incarceration Rates
Racism (20): Evidence of Colorism
Racism (20): Racial Discrimination in Marijuana Arrests
Racism (21): The Recession Isn’t Colorblind
Racism (22): Implicit Racism in Criminal Justice
Racism (23): Residential Segregation in the U.S.
Racism (24): What’s Wrong With Residential Segregation?
Racism (25): What Do We Know About Race?
Racism (26): Racism in Criminal Justice
Racism (27): Black Students Face Harsher Discipline
Racism (28): Shooter Bias
Racism (29): A Natural or An Acquired Vice?
Racism (30): What Should We Call Non-White People, and How Do Names Affect Us?
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LGBT Rights (1): Gay Marriage
LGBT Rights (2): Some Facts
LGBT Rights (3): Equal Adoption Rights for Gays and Lesbians
LGBT Rights (4): Public Opinion on Same-Sex Marriage
LGBT Rights (5): Same-Sex Marriage and the Rights of a Democratic Majority
LGBT Rights (6): Another Sad Statistic on Homophobia
LGBT Rights (7): Criminalization of Homosexuality
LGBT Rights (8): US Public Opinion on the Legality of Homosexuality
LGBT Rights (9): U.S. Public Opinion on Homosexuality
LGBT Rights (10): Increasing Numbers of People Live in Jurisdictions Where Same-Sex Marriage is Legal
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Discrimination (1)
Discrimination (2): Racial and Gender Discrimination in Adoption
Discrimination (3): Libertarianism and Private Discrimination
Discrimination (4): Private Discrimination, Freedom of Association and Property Rights
Discrimination (5): Statistical Discrimination
Discrimination (6): Should People Be Liable For Unconscious Discrimination?
Discrimination (7): Statistical Discrimination v. Background Checks?
Discrimination (8): What’s Wrong With Discrimination?
Discrimination (9): The Beauty Bias
Discrimination (10): Large Minority of U.S. Citizens Unwilling to Vote for Gay/Muslim/Atheist Presidential Candidate
Discrimination (11): Types of Discrimination
Discrimination (12): Is Price Discrimination Immoral?
Discrimination (13): Is Disability Just a Case of Bad Luck or Is It Discrimination?
Discrimination (14): Lookism
Discrimination (15): Is Assortative Mating a Form of Discrimination?
Discrimination (16): When Is It OK to Discriminate?
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Hate (1): Hate Crime
Hate (2): Hate Crime and Xenophobia in Russia
Hate (3): Is Hate Crime Caused by Poverty and Lack of Education?
Hate (4): Hate Crime and Hate Speech
Hate (5): Why Do We Need Hate Crime Laws?
Hate (6): Hate Crime
Hate (7): Should Hate Crime Laws Cover Attacks on Pedophiles?
Hate (8): Tolerance and Hate Speech

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