Blog Series

Most of the different daily posts that appear on this blog are organized into so-called “blog series”: for example, now and again I publish a post that’s called “human rights facts: …”, or “political jokes: …” etc. Each new post in an existing series has an incremental number. So if you stumble on a post with the title “The Ethics of Human Rights (463): Virtues and Rights” or such and such, then you know it’s post number 463 in a series about the ethics of human rights. Normally, at the bottom of each post there’s a link that opens the other posts in that particular series.

Although some posts don’t belong to a specific series and are “one-offs”, most do. If you happen to stumble on one post of a specific series – for example because Google led you there – then you may find the other posts of the said series equally interesting. If so, just click on the links at the bottom of a post and all posts belonging to that series will be displayed. Or – alternatively – use these links:


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