Human Rights, Data & Statistics

Since not everyone is interested in the personal comments and reflections that are part and parcel of blog posts, I’ve decided to create a few static pages – more website-like pages rather than blog posts – where I copy the statistics and the data on trends and distributions of human rights violations that I blog about. This way, those statistics and data are easier to find and readers don’t have to scan thousands of blog posts or to filter out my personal comments. Here’s a list of those pages:

Human Rights Statistics
    Human Rights, The Quantitative Approach
    Human Rights Statistics: An Overview of Data Sources
    Measurement Issues
        Measurement of human rights
        Measurement of democracy
        Measurement of poverty
    Statistics on Capital Punishment
    Statistics on Capital Punishment in the U.S.
    Statistics on Discrimination
        Statistics on discrimination of homosexuals
        Statistics on discrimination of minorities
        Statistics on discrimination of women
        Statistics on segregation
        Statistics on racism
    Statistics on Education
        Statistics on education levels and achievements
        Statistics on literacy
        Statistics on child marriage
    Statistics on Freedom
        Statistics on freedom and happiness
        Statistics on freedom of movement
        Statistics on freedom of the press and freedom of speech
        Statistics on prison population rates
        Statistics on privacy protection
        Statistics on democracy
        Statistics on democracy and education
        Statistics on democracy and GDP (national income)
        Statistics on voter turnout and numbers of elections
    Statistics on Good Governance and Corruption
    Statistics on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Correlations
    Statistics on Health
        Statistics on calorie intake
        Statistics on child and infant mortality
        Statistics on female genital mutilation (FGM)
        Statistics on health spending
        Statistics on HIV/AIDS
        Statistics on life expectancy
        Statistics on maternal mortality
        Statistics on the number of health workers
        Statistics on abortion
    Statistics on International Intervention
    Statistics on Labor Conditions
        Statistics on child labor
        Statistics on forced labor
        Statistics on modern slavery
        Statistics on leisure
    Statistics on Poverty
        Statistics on poverty and homelessness
        Statistics on poverty and hunger
        Statistics on poverty and income inequality
        Statistics on poverty and absolute income levels
        Statistics on poverty and discrimination
        Statistics on poverty and economic growth
        Statistics on poverty and education
        Statistics on poverty and health
        Statistics on poverty and immigration
        Statistics on poverty and unhappiness
        Statistics on poverty, urbanization and slums
        Statistics on poverty in the U.S.
        Statistics on poverty in the EU
        Statistics on poverty in the U.K.
        Statistics on poverty in India
        Statistics on poverty in Africa
        statistics on poverty in South Africa
        Statistics on poverty in China
        Statistics on poverty in Japan
        Statistics on poverty in Brazil
        Statistics on poverty in Latin America
        Statistics on international development aid
        Statistics on remittances
    Statistics on Religion
    Statistics on Support for Human Rights and Democracy
        Statistics on support for human rights
        Statistics on support for democracy
    Statistics on Torture
    Statistics on Violence
    Statistics on War & Conflict
        Statistics on child soldiers
        Statistics on arms trade
        Statistics on military spending
        Statistics on terrorism
        Statistics on violent conflict
    Statistics on Xenophobia, Migration & Asylum
        Statistics on asylum
        Statistics on refugees
        Statistics on migration
        Statistics on xenophobia
        Statistics on hate crime
        Statistics on racism
        Statistics on tolerance


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