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Human Rights Facts (75): North Korea Pretends It’s in a Stage Version of 1984

(source) This is very, very 1984-ish: DPRK nationals receive information from the state through “fixed line” broadcasting. The fixed line system operates through the use of speakers in every DPRK household. These speakers are inspected regularly by officials to ensure they are still functioning. These fixed lines are often used for broadcasting “forbidden” news and […]

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Human Rights Maps (183): North Korean Prison Camps

There are few places in the world that are more depressing than a North Korean prison camp: hard labor, starvation, torture, arbitrary execution and collective punishment (the incarceration of several generations of one family, often for life) are daily occurrences. North Korea is estimated to have between 150,000 and 200,000 of its own citizens in a network […]

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The Most Absurd Human Rights Violations (116): Gendered Bicycle Policy in North Korea

(source) It’s now illegal (again) for women to ride bicycles in North Korea. The country’s leader Kim Jung Un reinstated his father’s absurd law, but only after he lifted the ban last year. The late Kim Jong Il decreed in the mid-90s no woman should ride a bike after the daughter of a top general, the vice-chair […]

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Human Rights Nonsense (39): North Korea Goes For World Record in Chutzpah

(source) North Korea’s U.N. delegation declared on Friday that it was proud of Pyongyang’s social system and human rights record and rejected as baseless a U.N. monitor’s report that described appalling human rights abuses in the reclusive country. … “We have nothing to hide,” [North Korean delegate Kim Song] said. “We have nothing to be […]