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Capital Punishment (43): Some Facts About Decapitation

(source unknown, more about capital punishment in Saudi Arabia here, here, here, here and here) It used to be a common practice, but today only a handful of countries still execute criminals by way of beheading (Qatar, Saudi Arabia and perhaps one or two other countries). Assuming that decapitation occurs in a “civilized” way and that […]

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The Vagaries of Moral Progress (18): Bringing Back the Guillotine

(source) Bringing back the guillotine may sound crazy, but it’s certainly better than the current alternative. It’s better for prisoners because quickly severing the head is believed to be one of the quickest, least painful ways to die. And it’s better for organ recipients because the bodies of guillotined prisoners could be more quickly harvested […]

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Terrorism and Human Rights (40): Targeted Killings, Pros and Cons

(source) The use of so-called drone airplanes to target and kill suspected terrorists is in the news again. Some in the U.S. have voiced what in my view are justified yet somewhat myopic concerns about the supposed authority of the U.S. President to target American citizens on foreign or domestic soil. This is one of many […]

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The Most Absurd Human Rights Violations (101): The Horrible Crime of Alcoholism

(source) Amnesty International is urging Iran – a country known for its unemcumbered use of the death penalty- to halt the execution of two men (not in the image above) convicted for the third time of consuming alcohol. The men already have received 80 lashes for two previous convictions. Article 179 of Iran’s “exotic” Penal Code […]

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Annals of Heartlessness (19): “I Ain’t Got No Body”

A public decapitation in China on a postcard, with a heartless comment: (source unknown) The precise historical context of the scene is unclear to me, but it appears to be during or before WWII, and the executioners are probably Japanese soldiers. The song that’s cited in the comment is here. More on decapitation here and here. […]

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Capital Punishment (14): in Saudi Arabia

(source, “chop chop square” in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where the executions take place) From an article by Adam St Patrick in The Walrus Magazine: A slender sword – four feet of shining steel, curved at the end – hovers high above a kneeling figure shrouded in white. Only the kneeler’s neck is exposed. Sixty or […]


Capital Punishment

Most of the different daily posts that appear on this blog are organized into so-called “blog series”. For example, there’s a series called capital punishment. (subscribe to the RSS feed for this series only) Capital Punishment (1) Capital Punishment (2): Homosexuals in Iran Capital Punishment (3): Machinery of Death Capital Punishment (4): Albert Camus Capital Punishment (5): Albert Camus Capital Punishment […]