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  2. annaamaliacharissaki says

    Hey – I found this post very interesting – They are so much like the soviet posters (no real wonder there) I made a post with some posters from the soviets – I think it is rather thought provoking seeing how much the stalinist ideology is still alive and permeates almost everything in the DPRK.

  3. This is both impressive and very disturbing…it’s not that difficult to imagine why North Koreans in general don’t know any better. After all, if this is what one is fed every day it’s difficult to believe anything else after a while:S

    • annaamaliacharissaki says

      Well Karlo: Is it not strange that the propaganda features methods of torture that are infamously linked to the prison camps of the DPRK? /I am not saying that US forces have not behaved terribly – But these are propaganda posters: They have a message for the North Korean people: “the americans hate you and they will torture and kill you, better stay here with the great Kim-regime” – No decent american or any other westerner ‘hate’ the North Koreans – Only the Kim-regime. And these posters do not show anything other than the fact that DPRK controls its populace by terror. And by the way, how unoriginal of them to depict their own torture methods -(look it up: The stories of escapes from the gulags) Or maybe it was just the most evil and terrifying they could think of? And what does it tell you, that they then do this, the most evil and terrifying, to their own people?

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