iconic images of human rights violations

Iconic Images of Human Rights Violations (149): Protester Getting His Glasses Pulverized by Police Officer

police brutality

Despite the iconic nature of this image I couldn’t find any information about it. Lots of websites have posted it, but never with any useful comments. I don’t know where it’s taken. Was it a protest that turned violent? Who was protesting what? Is it police brutality or a justified hit? If it’s official misconduct then it’s certainly a human rights violation. The right to protest is a protected form of free speech. Or maybe it wasn’t a protest at all. (In which case we could still be looking at a rights violation).

Your help is welcome. Please use the comment section if you know something about the image.

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6 thoughts on “Iconic Images of Human Rights Violations (149): Protester Getting His Glasses Pulverized by Police Officer

  1. Tomboktu says:

    The uniform and shoulder number would be consistent with the police officer being a member of An Garda Síochána, the national police service of Ireland.

  2. Brian Hanley says:

    It’s football game between Cork Hibernians and Linfield from Belfast, played at Dublin’s Dalymount in May 1971 in a cup competition. Linfield have a Loyalist following and with the growing conflict in Northern Ireland there was political and sectarian tension in the air. Clashes erupted and the Gardaí baton charged the Linfield fans.

  3. I’m going to change the subject for a moment to share my story with you ~ My Story is about Sheriff Deputy Involved Domestic Violence, My interactions with the Santa Clara County, California Sheriff Department and Sheriff Smith Directly, My son Joshua died by Hanging at the age of 10 after years of abuse. Please take a moment to read and share my story, Thank you, Kathy

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