1. Filip, as much as I agree with you in pretty much everything I have read so far, I would have to disagree that this is unbelievable. The US is a country where that have been taught for centuries that the “American Dream” is all about working for yourself and not needing any help from others. The flip-side of this is: you shouldn’t help people as it is up to themselves to turn their lives into economical success’. Sort of like Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” but without actually believing in its origin (evolutionary theory). The female stat seems fairly reasonable, as I tend to think that women are more compassionate, and have a better empathy with difficult economic conditions (many being only recently liberated from male dependance – the last century or so) but I am surprised the figure for males in not lower. The capitalist ethos that lies at the heart of the American ideology is one that, I think, is still most prevalent in males and does’t seem open to change despite free market capitalist theory being proved wrong again and again (but then again maybe that is just my anti-american side speaking).

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