Annals of Heartlessness (36): Capital Punishment in Saudi Arabia

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annals of heartlessness / capital punishment

capital punishment in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is considering changing its standard execution method. Instead of beheading by sword they plan to use the firing squad. One of the swordsmen says he’s not worried about the future of his profession.

[He] has been apprenticing his son in beheadings. He acknowledges, though, that the government’s concerns about a shortage of qualified swordsmen are justified. “This profession is not desired by many,” he told Okaz, “despite the salary and personal reward we gain from it.” (source)

Personal reward of what kind exactly? Pleasure? Accomplishment? Pride? All of the above? You also have to wonder about the age of his son, and about the exact practice method.

More on capital punishment in Saudi Arabia is here. More in the annals of heartlessness here.


  1. The practise method, I would suspect, will be something along the line of slicing watermelons in half. Methods like this are always used to indoctrinate childless into barbaric practises.

  2. ShadowCaster says

    I think an executioner would find it rewarding to be in such a position to mete out justice. Holding that unique position of power and responsibility and doing something that is considered beneficial and important to your society must be quite gratifying. I bet it is not far from the feeling a military man would feel in war – proud to kill his enemies for the sake of his country and to punish his enemy for their transgressions, in the name of justice.

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