Google Reader is Shutting Down; Other Ways to Follow P.a.p.

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For those 294 people subscribing to and reading this blog via Google Reader (I don’t know who you are), here are some alternatives:

  • The links to all posts are published on Twitter: @filipspagnoli (price to pay: you’ll have to put up with some of my other “musings”)
  • P.a.p. also has a Facebook page (less noise than twitter, just the occasional image, but you still have to click the link to read the full articles)
  • Obviously, you can grab the rss feed and use another rss reader (some suggestions here)
  • Or you can get posts by email (see the tab at the bottom right if you’re not a WordPress user).


  1. I’m not too worried. With the 3 1/2 months heads up Google has given, competition will replace Reader even before its death.

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