Annals of Heartlessness (34): Dehumanizing the Poor

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annals of heartlessness / poverty
Not really poor?

Not really poor?


“When the average American hears “poverty”, they are thinking about somebody who is homeless, or has an inadequate house with a hole in the roof or something, who doesn’t have food to eat, can’t put clothes on kids’ backs,” says [Robert] Rector at Heritage. “If you drove down the street and found a normal house of a poor person, you wouldn’t recognize it because you wouldn’t think that’s a poor person. It doesn’t look poor.” (source)

It??? My God… This sentiment – suitably reformulated of course – is actually quite widespread. The so-called “poor” in wealthy nations aren’t really poor at all, we hear. They have stuff their ancestors couldn’t even dream of. And compared to the poor in Africa or Asia, many of them are well-off. However, do we really want starvation and absolute deprivation to be the only unacceptable human condition? Shouldn’t we aim higher?

More dehumanization of the poor here. More in the annals of heartlessness here.

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