1. Jan Kamola says

    Re photo of alleged rape and pogrom at Lviv June 30 1941 and alleged killing of between 2000 and 18,000 Jews by Ukrainians

    Dear Sir or Madam
    This photo appeared in early 1990s in Time Mag. as Jewess being raped in Lviv by Ukrainians. Not true. Seeing this photo in Time Mag I delivered entire 35mm roll of photos to Mrs Genia Markon a then Jewish-American director of the Photoarchives at the still unfinished the most expensive museum built ($120,000,000) the US Holo Mem-Museum. The other photos show-prove there was no pogrom no rape and the victims of this civil disturbance were Slavic Polish and Ukrainian and as the penance for being concubines of mostly Jewish operatives and leaders of Lvivs NKVD and prisons personel they were forced forced to walk on their knees with hands up in front of Lviv churches. If they would be Jewish Mrs. Markon AThe photos of the largely undressed

  2. I read the infor. I still do not understand WHY these women were naked, or their clothes almost all off? Why were.the men in a circle around the poor naked lady, as if she.were a trophy? In my minds eye, I think the poor lady is screaming to the photographer, asking how.they can just stand there taking pictures, when they could have.helped.or saved them. I undetstand this group or that group might have done it.

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