4 thoughts on “Political Graffiti (217): Property is Theft

  1. BobLeeds says:

    Property is theft ?

    If a man buys a parcel of land, builds a home on it, pays the various building workers, architects and contractors, foots the bill for the materials, then surely, nothings as been stolen, the land rights were exchanged for money and in this transaction maybe twenty people have gained financially and city taxes are extorted by the council on his right to live there. During his occupation he buy’s goods and services, and shops locally, it all appears fairly innocent to me but as baffling as War is Peace.

    Property is theft was the slogan of

  2. BobLeeds says:


    Property is theft was the slogan of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Proudhon came to fame in 1840 through a pamphlet What is Property? in which he declared that “property is theft”. Actually, this wasn’t as radical it might seem since what he was criticising was the private ownership of land. This was something which Proudhon opposed and he advocated access for everyone to land providing he did not own it and they closed the gates behind them and (presumably) if he did own it – they could all get lost and piss off elsewhere. .

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