human rights violations, satellite evidence of human rights violations

Satellite Evidence of Human Rights Violations (11): Violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State

Someone’s been taking a course on military history, in particular the chapter on the “scorched earth policy“:

Rakhine, Myanmar


Kyaukphyu, Rakhine state, Myanmar



Hundreds of homes were destroyed in the city of Kyaukphyu, Rakhine state. The Digital Globe satellite image shown above, from October 25th, captures the aftermath.

In the Rakhine state (also called “Arakan” by some) of Myanmar, the unfortunate evolution of discrimination, unequal application of the law, and forced displacement into violence and humanitarian crisis has come to bear. Since June, fits of violence between Buddhist and Muslim Rakhine, and Muslim Rohingya communities have likely left tens of thousands displaced and scores dead.

In the most recent incident of ethnic clashes, thousands of Rohingya muslim, but also Rakhine Buddhist, homes have reportedly been burned down. (source)

More about Myanmar. More satellite evidence of rights violations.


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