Human Rights Nonsense (39): North Korea Goes For World Record in Chutzpah

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human rights nonsense
North Korean famine

A North Korean child suffering from malnutrition lays in a bed in a hospital in Haeju, the capital of the area damaged by summer floods and typhoons in South Hwanghae province. Photo by Reuters/Damir Sagolj


North Korea’s U.N. delegation declared on Friday that it was proud of Pyongyang’s social system and human rights record and rejected as baseless a U.N. monitor’s report that described appalling human rights abuses in the reclusive country. …

“We have nothing to hide,” [North Korean delegate Kim Song] said. “We have nothing to be afraid of. On the contrary, we are proud of our superior system of promoting and protecting human rights in our country, including free medical care and free education system.”

“We will further develop and strengthen our social system that guarantees promotion and protection of human rights,” he added. (source)

The real North Korean human rights record is, of course, this, this and this.

More human rights nonsense from North Korea is here. And more human rights nonsense in general is here.


  1. Kindness Kills (Bob Leeds UK) says

    North Korea got some huge concentration camps, one of which is alleged to be 5 -10 times bigger than Auschwitz-Birkenau, Sad to say the prisoners held there have been abandoned by the Free World. The North Koreans need to be told free these prisoners today, or we will not trade with you, or allow your flights to cross our borders.

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