Human Rights Nonsense (35): The Violence of a Name

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human rights nonsense

let this deaf child keep his name sign


Now, I’m the first to criticize the gun culture in the U.S. and to warn against the dangers of a supposed “right to own a gun” (as you can see here and here), but it seems that our own side can also misunderstand what human rights are all about:

A deaf child named Hunter is not allowed to use his name sign because the sign for “Hunter” (a dictionary word) uses the thumb and first two fingers in a gun shape and suggests a shooting motion. Here’s the story.

These school officials have lost their ability to reason if they believe stripping a child of his name is necessary for safety … Apparently the idea that a pre-schooler’s fingers are as dangerous as a real gun is not beyond belief to some school bureaucrats. (source)

Although it is not stated in those terms, this is a case of human rights hysteria, and as such it has its rightful place in our series here, previously featuring people who claim that parents should be banned from play areas in order to protect children and others who zealously protect us against Sharia rule.

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  1. Great example of blind ‘political correctness’. Thanks for sharing it. Hope school officials will regain their ability to reason. :-)

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