Discrimination (10): Large Minority of U.S. Citizens Unwilling to Vote for Gay/Muslim/Atheist Presidential Candidate

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Some interesting poll results from Gallup: today, practically no one believes that a Presidential candidate’s gender or skin color automatically disqualifies him or her from office, and the same is true for a candidate’s religion, at least as long as we talk about Jewish or Catholic candidates.

This wasn’t always the case: in the 1950s, only 54% of Americans would vote for a female Presidential candidate, 38% for a Black one, 63% for a Jewish one, and 67% for a Catholic one. Large minorities and in the case of race even a large majority were heavily biased in the 1950s. The fact that this is no longer true today is evidence of moral progress – or of political correctness if you are a cynic.

However, this doesn’t mean that all forms of prejudice are gone. Even in our day and age, large minorities of Americans are still unwilling to vote for a homosexual, atheist or Muslim Presidential candidate, even if the candidate in question is well-qualified:

prejudice in voter intentions

prejudice in voter intentions


Republican voters are slightly more prejudiced than other voters, but not towards Mormons:

prejudice in voter intentions


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