Human Rights Maps (163): Food Security and Food Spending

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The Food Security Risk Index (FSRI), released by Maplecroft, is a combination of 12 indicators, measuring the availability, access and stability of food supplies across all countries, as well as the nutritional and health status of populations. Risk factors include conflict, displacement, low capacity to combat the effects of extreme weather events such as drought, water shortages, land degradation, prevalence of poverty and failing infrastructures undermining both food production and emergency food distribution capacity. In 2011, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo ranked lowest in the world:

Food Security Risk Index map 2011

Food Security Risk Index map 2011

(source, click image to enlarge)

A somewhat related map, showing the percentages of food spending in total spending:

spending on food map

(source, source, click image to enlarge)

In general, a higher percentage means more average poverty. And also higher vulnerability. If you spend 50% rather than only 10% of your income on food, you’ll be hit much harder by price hikes or income loss. And, as a result, your food supply is much more insecure.

Maps on hunger here and here. More human rights maps here.

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