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  • No North Korean soccer supporters in S Africa. Too much risk of defection. But they did hire a group of Chinese to “act” as supporters.
  • Why is geology an “exact” science when economics is not? Equally lousy predictive skills I say. Hope I’ll make it to Iceland next month.
  • Strange: most people believe bad publicity is better than no publicity yet few people want to be Hitler
  • Anyone who denies the existence of free will shall be slapped in the face by me personally. But don’t hold it against me.
  • Underrated advantage of pets: they acknowledge your existence
  • Libertarianism is like a blow job: both words have been invented by someone who doesn’t know what he/she is talking about.
  • What’s the news on head transplants? I could use a new body.
  • Is separation of powers good for government efficiency (division of labor) or bad (a series of restrictions on gov action)? Does it matter?
  • I never understood the point of bio-luminescence. It’s just an invitation to come and eat me. Or has vanity an evolutionary reason?
  • why organ trade such hot topic 4 libertarians? easy: 3 fads in 1: property rights, free trade, no welfare (poor help themselves)

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