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Segregation, A Collection of Images

More on segregation here. Something on the Little Rock Nine, on Rosa Parks, and on Jim Crow. Other collections of human rights images are here.

school segregation



African-American citizens sitting in the rear of the bus in compliance with Florida segregation law

African-American citizens sitting in the rear of the bus in compliance with Florida segregation law








And here’s one making fun of it all:

segregation whitestown brownsburg

(source unknown)

16 thoughts on “Segregation, A Collection of Images

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  6. princess says:

    This is very crule what the did to African American we all should be treated the same way were alll the same color theres no difference between us we should get terated all equally not from color that not fair .

  7. If two people had the ability to undress from skin, look at themselves, and then at each other, one is bound to realize what we all share alike — heart, mind, and soul.

  8. Barbara says:

    The one about the Zoo was quite interesting. So, Blacks were in the Zoo for the day, so Whites were not allowed in on that day?

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