Ironic Human Rights Violations (2): Suicide Watch on Death Row

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In this series, I understand irony as “a state of affairs that appears perversely contrary to what one expects”.

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, a former prison psychologist, admits that he recognizes the irony. His state is keeping Lawrence Reynolds alive, on suicide watch, so they can execute him Tuesday morning. Reynolds attempted suicide by overdosing on pills on Sunday and was rushed to the hospital where his life was saved. The Governor postponed his execution, original scheduled for March 9, to give him sufficient time to recover so that the Buckeye state can kill him properly.

“It is ironic, obviously, that you would work to keep someone alive when they are scheduled to be executed,” the Governor said. (source, source)

More ironic human rights violations. More on capital punishment and suicide.


  1. June says

    An perfect example of the system’s inequities. Twisted and nonsensical.

  2. Dudley Sharp says

    No irony.

    It is an absolute that all prisoners must receive medical attention until they are dead.

    All potential executions are subject to last minute dealys as well as ongoing efforts to have inmates removed from death row by appellate or legislative means.

    It is all but guaranteed that any inmate not receiving necessary medical attention will bring the fear if not the reality of lawsuits.

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