One thought on “Political Graffiti (93): Homelessness in Toronto

  1. Stephen says:

    David Miller is planning to spend 50 Million on a facelift for City Hall. Is this done to make a nicer place for the Homeless to sleep? No, it is being done so Toronto looks nicer for the Pan-Am games.

    Suppose that money was spent on helping the homeless. Just suppose. This would be a far more useful way to spend the money, a superior move that he simply doesn’t have the ability to pull off. The homeless are not encouraged to spend their time in highly public places, and you gotta bet that during the Pan-Am games, the homeless will be shuffled off to less conspicuous places.

    City Hall looks fine. It may need some touch ups, as all buildings do from time to time to avoid longer term maintenance issues, but spending 50 million on it is not a particularly good appropriation of funds.

    Split that into 10, 20 and 20 million. Spend 10 on City Hall. Gheez, how I could fix it up with 10 million. Spend 20 on the homeless and the other 20 on food programs for kids and re-opening some pools. The options are endless. However, spending the 50 on City Hall should be a wildly protested option. I am not hearing much about it.


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