Iconic Images of Human Rights Violations (37): Muslim Prisoners in a Serbian Detention Camp

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culture / horror / iconic images of human rights violations / intervention / war

Time Muslim Prisoners in a Serbian Detention Camp

Read the whole story here, as well as the general story of the war in ex-Yugoslavia. Other posts on this topic are here. More iconic images of human rights violations are here.

Update January 12th, 2010: commenters tell me that this is a fake…


  1. Vladimir says

    one side story!!!!!
    you are bad person, everybody did bad things, not just serbs! research !!!!!
    and then post stuff like this



    • Hi Vlad. Sorry for being such a bad person. I would like to post about those evil Bosnians surrounding Belgrade and making holes in it, but somehow I don’t know where to start… Regarding the current post: it’s not because this image is a fake that history is fake as well. Sure, Bosnians have also committed crimes, like all parties in all wars, but the responsibility of Serbs and Croats is immense. You would do your country a favor by owning up.

      • You look good but, your understanding about what happened in ex Yugoslavia is obliviously not that great (as my English as well, sorry). Guilty we are all, but the biggest victims of this last wars are Serbians.

        BTW. why do not post about ‘good’ NATO boys who had destroyed my country (and Serbia it is) for months. They did it to defend human rights, right? Non sono d’acordo.
        Go to Serbia, if you find some time, listen also to us, try to learn a little bit more…

    • Serbian side of the story nobody wants to hear. Pity. They miss the truth.

  2. Indeed an interesting photograph on the cover of Time magazine. But what of the other men standing behind him? They all look to be quite healthy while the man that is front and center appears to be malnurished. Can there possibly be a tie-in here to what the Nazis did during World War II? You betcha!

    My guess is that this man is genetically predesposed to being skinny. I’ve met men and women in my travels across America, where they were well fed, but always appeared to be “skin and bones”.

    Oh, and just for the record, I am a mixtures of Croation, Serbian, Bonsnian and Turkish. My acestors were Catholic, Orthodox and Moslem. So it’s not like I am taking any one side on this issue.

  3. Claude says


    I had been looking for this cover after reading Pascal Boniface’s book “Les intellectuels faussaires” for those who speak French. Well, it turned out that this photograph was one of a Serbian arrested for looting who had been suffering from tuberculosis for ten years which explained his meagerness. So, you see, it was all war propaganda again. Beware, each time there is a conflict somewhere, our media reveal their nature of propaganda tools.

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