1. govardhan says

    thats because hes not a brahmin, hes just a vagabond self styled sadhu, more like a beggar in plain terms. you wont find brahmins on the street, even the poorest one will be better dressed and will find a job as a temple priest.Dont get the wrong idea the picture is totally wrong

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  3. krishnan says

    there is nothing like a caste system which the word Casto has been imposed upon the Hindus during the portuguese christian inquisition. Varna, jaati & Kula are more appropriate which was the tradition & which was not as rigid as it is now during Vedic times. Anyone could arise & better themselves – we have several examples such as Valmiki, Vishwamitra etc and inter varna marriages existed – so all this gibberish of caste system as apartheid is an invention of the British missionaries hell bent upon destroying hindu dharma. Also racism has always existed in the white christian mind where they have totally decimated thousands of perfect civilisations on earth such as those of the Incas, Mayas, Australian Aborigines, Red Indians etc etc the list of white superiority & barbarism goes on.

  4. The Legend says

    The Dalits seemed to always complain and always be on the desparate end of everything because of their own poor management. They are lazy and lie. Dalit’s lie, steal, and cheat. Most of all, they try to like about their caste. God is not punishing them for being Dalit, but for lying about it. They will forever be Dalit in this life and the next as long as they like. To evolve out of it, they need to embrace it and work their way up. As it is, the Dilat lie. It is in their nature to like or want to like about not being Dalit. It is a fraud and a crime to say such lies about being a higher caste. To discriminate against them is not proper and is not legal, but what is happen now is that they lie and this is the cause of the discrimiation.

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