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    30th November 2009

    by John Madeley

    An account of the 2005 Make Poverty History campaign in the UK, told in a novel way.

    I am a journalist and author, and covered most of the national Make Poverty History events in 2005, including the G8 summit in Scotland. I was also involved in local campaigning.

    “Beyond Reach?” employs a fact-cum-fiction plot to tell a witty story of how a feisty young married woman inspires a church minister to join the campaign. The result is an explosive mix that takes them into a world that neither bargained for. Their relationship energises them for the campaign, leading them to an exposé of government duplicity, of how the claims made about more aid and debt relief were far from all they seemed.

    The debt relief came with strings attached and there was not much of it – four years later, only about 20 per cent of developing country debt has been wiped out – and the aid increase included money for debt relief. There was huge double counting, and the government was slow to act on climate change which is reinforcing poverty.

    This is also a story about forbidden love and the meaning of life. The relationship of the book’s two main characters is set against a background of faithfulness, commitment, weakness and opportunity.

    I draw on almost 50 years experience of campaigning on development issues to pack the book full of campaigning ideas.

    This is a book for anyone who supported the Make Poverty History campaign, who bought a wrist band, or who just wants a good read about one of the most important issues of our time.

    Royalties from the book go to agencies working to eradicate poverty.

    “Beyond Reach?” is published by Longstone Books, 239 pages, price £9.99. ISBN: 978-0-9554373-7-3.

    I am the author of nine factual books on development issues, including the best-selling “Hungry for Trade – How the poor pay for free trade”. and “100 Ways to Make Poverty History” (Illustrated by Dave Walker). The book is available direct from me, or from all good bookshops.

    John Madeley
    e-mail: john.madeley@gmail.com
    website: http://www.JohnMadeley.co.uk

    NEWS: “Beyond Reach?” has been nominated for The Good Writing Awards 2009.

    Comments on “Beyond Reach?”

    ‘A revealing story about a scandal of our time, witty, sharp – and above all urgent’ – Rosie Boycott

    Beyond Reach? is a wonderful tribute to all those ordinary people who take action against the scandal of global poverty. For those of us who took part in the Make Poverty History campaign, it’s also great to revisit the experience of that year’ – John Hilary

    ‘In this amusing novel, John Madeley links modern ethics and politics with the age-old issues of relationships and the meaning of life. All this, with serious intent, too’ – Tim Lang

    ‘In the tradition of Saturday, this outstanding novel weaves together the world of public events with the private world of individual lives’ – Carl Rayer

    ‘A gripping and inspiring story of forbidden love and the struggle for justice. In a hundred years people will look back on our culture of greed and realise books like this helped change the world’ – David Rhodes 

    ‘Brings together in a human-centered format so many interconnections from 2005’ – Michael Crowther-Green

    ‘Be warned, this book could change your life’ – Ann Pettifor

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