Gender Discrimination (19): Violence Against Women On Television

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The infamous rape scene from "A clockwork orange"

The infamous rape scene from "A clockwork orange"

Prime time television shows in the U.S. are depicting significantly more scenes and stories including violence against women. The overall incidence of violence on television hasn’t increased.

violence against women on television

(source, source, source)

The depiction of violence against women can be exploitative, but also educational. Impossible to say on the basis of these data if TV shows include depictions of violence against women in order to attract a particular kind of audience, or in order to educate the audience. In fact, this distinction is hard to make even for individual cases of depiction of violence.

TV may not have become more violent, but movies sure have:

violence in movies


This graph includes all types of killing, not just the killing of women.

More on violence against women in general here, here and here. More on violence in the media in general is here.

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