Human Rights Quote (76): Sexual Abuse in Prison

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Americans generally take it for granted that corporal punishment, Singapore- or Saudi Arabia-style, is inhumane. We don’t just chop people’s hands off or tie them to a post and beat them. In practice, however, being sentenced to a U.S. prison in effect is a sentence to physical abuse. But rather than the level of abuse being determined by a judge and by the law, it tends to be determined by the vicissitudes of chance and gang affiliation. Read, for example, Carrie Johnson’s writeup of a recent report on sexual misconduct in federal prisons. Matthew Yglesias (source)

More on prison rape and prison conditions.


  1. hanumanta says

    This is a huge issue in prison! I just mentioned this human rights violation in my last post on my blog:

    where I am informing people on the state of affairs in Mexican prisons, the drug war, prohibition, etc. good work on this blog, lots of information that more need to get informed about. Keep it up! – Hanumanta

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