Political Artist (33): Banksy

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Banksy, Eat the rich

(source, in case you can’t read the “footnote”: it says “with our new 2 for 1 offer including a choice of wine”)

A similar one:

poor have nothing to eat but the rich


eat the rich


More Banksy here and here. More on income inequality. More political artists.


    • Well, legally they do. International human rights law, national bills of rights or human rights acts, criminal law etc. all guarantee the right to property, with stiff penalties for violating it. Of course, morally or philosophically it’s a different matter. Locke is famous for his philosophiocal justification of the right to property (see here if you want: http://filipspagnoli.wordpress.com/2008/04/06/human-rights-cartoon-55/), but I don’t think it’s waterproof. The best defense of property I can think of is it’s importance for the right to privacy (see the same link). If you think privacy is important, it’s hard to see how you can reject the right to property.

      Much depends also on the origins of property. We all know that part of out property – even yours and mine – originates from colonial exploitation and others types of injustices. Property in general can be justified, but once you start to look at specific property, you quickly unearth injustices that undue the right to a specific set of property.

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