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Migration and Human Rights (18): Number of Refugees, End of 2008

From The Economist:

At the end of 2008 10.5m refugees were in the direct care of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, down slightly from 11.4m a year earlier. The conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq again caused the largest numbers of refugees to flee to, or remain in, neighbouring countries. Some 2.8m of the world’s refugees are from Afghanistan, most of whom are in Pakistan and Iran. Pakistan hosted almost 1.8m people last year, nearly all from Afghanistan, with Syria and Iran each receiving around 1m people. Germany was the most popular destination among rich countries. But as a share of its population Jordan has by far the highest concentration of refugees.

Countries with most refugees

Jordan’s high proportion of refugees is partly explained by the large number of Palestinian refugees (some of whom were actually born in Jordan).

More statistics on refugees. More on refugees in general.


One thought on “Migration and Human Rights (18): Number of Refugees, End of 2008

  1. The displacement of millions from their homes in Iraq and Afghanistan is one of the biggest unspoken costs of Bush’s wars. It’s quite tragic. And what the U.S. is doing to help rectify the situation is quite pathetic.

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