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Racism (5): Interracial Marriage

The degree of interracial marriage (or miscegenation) in a society is a good indicator of the degree of racial bias and racism in this society. A strong increase in the number of such marriages, combined with the repeal of laws banning them, a decrease in the number of honor killings of women having a relationship with a man from another race, and a gradual disappearance of talk about “the purity of the race” and such, are all signs of the demise of racism. In the U.S., the Supreme Court ruling in Loving v. Virginia in 1967 struck down the legal bans on interracial marriages that persisted in some states in the South.

Here are 2 graphs showing the increase in the number of people approving interracial marriage and dating in the U.S.:

approval of interracial marriage


approval of blacks and whites dating

And this graph shows the evolution of the number of interracial marriages:

growing number of interracial marriages


According to some, the current dispute over gay marriage is of the same type as the now settled dispute on interracial marriage (settled in the West at least), and will know the same fate. Let’s hope so.

More on racial bias here, here and here.


12 thoughts on “Racism (5): Interracial Marriage

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  3. Apparently there is an official in Lousiana who is refusing to marry people of different races wanting to marry. I’m astonished that this could be the case in the twenty-first century.

  4. Richard says:

    If interracial marriage was a success then why I see so many black women single?According to one oprah show 70% black women r single. In fact if you look around you will see most of the BW are either alone or with their female friends.The same argument can go for asian men. Unfortunately interracial dating/marriage create more racism than we are aware of.

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  9. michael says:

    I also have seen Black and white women alone! It works both ways and it may be by choice. Believe it or not, but there is also a large percentage of successful Asian women alone also!.A number of International dating agencies have been on the rise for at least 15 years which may explain some of the perceptions!. It may be to some degree the negative stereotypical images that all men are getting.Women now are plotting out their type of man that they want as a second half!. The Carribean is made up of interculturalism and it’s beautiful!. America is still young yet. Hundreds of years old and not thousands!. Diversity is what makes our world beautiful. If we look closely in nature we will see clues in her colors working and blending together perfectly!. Only some of us Americans walk around with a clouded vision!. If everyone and everything was the same, this would be a very boring world! Peace be with you!

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